If you are thinking about investing in the Philippines you'll be pleased to hear that the World Bank has ranked the Philippines as one of the world's 10 most improved economies in facilitating trade and investment across borders.

The Philippines has improved 7 places in the last year alone from 68 to 61 in the World Bank's rankings for trading across borders (out of 183 economies). It takes for example an average of 21 days in the Philippines to obtain a construction permit whilst the regional average stands at 45 days.

The government of the Philippines is continuing its effort to improve conditions for international investors. One such measure has been to draw up a 'Magna Carta' for investors, designed to protect the rights of people investing in the Philippines. According to the Department of Trade and Industry this bill is likely to be finalised and passed early next year.

The government is actively encouraging foreign investment in a variety of industries including energy, technology and tourism. Special TIEZA's (Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority) have been created to provide incentives for international investors. Some of these include tax and duty free importation of capital investment, equipment and transportation.

Source: Experience International