Today in Philly we will be sticking with the solars again. LDK and YGE both missed earnings estimates. LDK is trading down about 5% premarket. Watch for LDK to trade down to the $8 level. If it breaks and holds below, it could be in a lot of trouble. YGE is making a move higher premarket and could be the one to focus on today. If it can hold above $11 it might keep the sector strong. If not, they should all get hit. FSLR had a target increase this morning. We will watch to see how it reacts, but it could likely put in an inside day. Careful trading it within yesterdays range.

Also, EXM blew away earnings estimates and could provide for some good trades in the shipping sector. EXM will lead, look for other shippers like DRYS, DSX, and GNK to follow.

Keep your trading to a minimum today. The Friday before a three day holiday weekend is typically a light volume day. As active intraday traders these light volume days can be very difficult and frustrating if you are looking for too much. Many of the big players are simply not here.

Don't over trade. Create a gameplan with a few ideas and stick to it. Today will probably be a good day to stop trading early and get to the beach. Do yourself a favor and finish the week on a good note. Whether you make some money this morning or just feel like you can't get anything going it is in your best interest to get your hands off the keys early.

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