Phoenix Interests Inc. this morning announced the immediate change of its corporate ticker on the OTCBB, from PXIT to PXNT. The switch reflects the company’s changing business plan, as it focuses on the upcoming launch of its new mobility technology strategy, targeting a rapidly growing global market for mobile solutions.

To execute its changing business strategy, Phoenix Interests has laid out the blueprint for several significant changes in operations and corporate cosmetics.

Phoenix Interests is in the final stages of its acquisition of Stonewall Networks, which will be the first of several planned acquisitions. Stonewall Networks plays into Phoenix Interests’ plans to enter into the global mobile computing technology business. Stonewall Networks’ proprietary solutions for mobile network security, including its security policy management product, will serve as the cornerstone for Phoenix Interests new mobile solutions strategy.

Phoenix Interests also recently teamed up with the Greenfield program, a company with the ability to rapidly introduce new technologies into the market, driving an increased return on investment. The relationships with the Greenfield program and Stonewall Networks are expected to collaboratively generate $1 million in Phoenix Interests’ first-year revenue.

The company will soon undergo a corporate name change to NuMobile Inc., which more accurately reflects its mobile technology developments than “Phoenix Interests.” Once this name change is complete, the company will launch a new Website to support and collaborate the name change and new operations.