In the world of comic books, no one stays dead forever and no character encapsulates that statement more than the Phoenix, also known as Jean Grey from the X-Men. A character, who has been killed multiple times in the comic books, Jean is making another comeback, this time joining her fellow heroes and villains in “Marvel: Puzzle Quest.”

According to a press release from the game’s developer D3 Go, Phoenix will be one of the more powerful members of the game’s roster, joining the Silver Surfer as a Five-Star character. The character can do massive damage with her “Phoenix Force” ability, but it comes with a cost, as it attacks both her foes and her allies.

During an interview with Marvel, the developers revealed that Phoenix was added in the game due to plenty of fan requests, as she remains a fan favorite, despite being dead since Grant Morrison’s “New X-Men” series. Interestingly enough, the teenage version of Jean Grey from “All-New X-Men” is also available as a playable character.

The developers have also assured fans that this is the more heroic version of the Phoenix character and not her more infamous alter ego Dark Phoenix. This version of the character debuted in the critically acclaimed “Dark Phoenix Saga” storyline of “Uncanny X-Men” by writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne, where she killed a planet and all the living beings in it.

Phoenix won’t be the only new part of “Marvel: Puzzle Quest,” as the developers have also revealed a new feature in the game called Command Points. This will allow fans to see their progression towards getting a Four-Star or Five-Star character, through various activities in the game.

Command Points will be available later this week on Nov. 5. Those that have been playing the game since Oct. 26 will be getting free Command Points as a reward.

Phoenix will be available for recruitment on Nov. 12. Mobile players will be able to recruit her through the game’s Legendary Packs, which feature both Four and Five-Star characters.

“Marvel: Puzzle Quest” is available right now for iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play title. The game will soon be debuting on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 as a paid game on either Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Community Video - November 2015 (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Puzzle Quest)