Newcastle’s ancient city walls used to protect the city’s population from attack. Now the ruins are apparently a good public sex spot, after a couple did the deed in broad daylight without realizing onlookers from a nearby office.

A very NSFW photo of the couple having sex has gone viral. The shot was photographed Monday by city editor Simon Gallagher and spread through Twitter. Gallagher’s office building overlooked the site where the couple was having sex in plain view.

A photo of the picture appearing in a British newspaper was shared on Twitter by user @WayneNorthEast, who captioned the picture with, “New auditions of a low budget version of #geordieshore,” a reference to the UK spinoff of the popular US reality show “Jersey Shore.”

Gallagher said it didn’t appear as if the couple knew people could watch them having sex.

“I think they just thought no one would ever see them. Despite my window being 100 yards away and open,” he said.

Gallagher said he also took video of the encounter, but the sex video has yet to surface.

He said he watched “most of” the performance, “though that wasn’t very long. I got an awkward video of him climbing off her too.”