Photos: Miss Universe 2011 Swimsuit Competition

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The Miss Universe 2011 swimsuit presentation took place on Thursday night, as the international beauties showed their stuff in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The skimpy bathing suits caused controversy earlier in the week, when the bikinis used a in a promotional shoot had be be returned. Made by Brazilian company Catalina Brasil Swimwear, the swimwear was deemed to be too short for TV.

The Miss Universe pageant is owned by Donald Trump, who has again appointed himself one of the judges. The competition officially takes place on Sept. 12, but an number of events over the last week have already heated up the pageant.

So who is the front runner to win the Miss Universe title?

Not one to miss a betting opportunity, bookmaker Paddy Power have set odds for the competition, ranking the United States as the most likely to win. As of Sept. 4, the odds are set at:

USA (6-1); China (15-2); Canada (14-1); Australia (14-1); Ireland (16-1); Kosovo (16-1); Argentina (18-1); Ukraine (18-1); Brazil (20-1); Venezuela (20-1); Philippines (20-1); Mexico (20-1); Netherlands (25-1); Israel (25-1); Trinidad & Tobago (25-1); Angola (25-1)

Will the swimsuit program change the odds?

Miss Universe 2011
Miss Angola 2011 Leila Lopes Reuters
Miss Universe 2011
Miss Costa Rica 2011 Johanna Solano Reuters
Miss Universe 2011
Miss Honduras 2011 Keilyn Gomez Reuters
Miss Poland
Miss Poland 2011 Rozalia Mancewicz Reuters
Miss Spain
Miss Spain 2011 Paula Guillo Reuters
Miss Universe 2011
Miss Slovak Republic 2011 Dagmar Kolesarova Reuters
Miss Universe 2011
Miss Hungary 2011 Betta Lipcsei Reuters
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