Photoshop Fails: Target Ad Disaster And 12 Bad Photoshopped Errors and Mistakes in Advertisements [PHOTOS]

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    What a FAIL! Target committed a major Photoshop fail when it carelessly let slip a bad mistake in its ad. Here are photos of some of the worst Photoshopped errors and disasters in advertisements of all time. Imgur
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There's nothing worse than when a company worth $38.34 billion makes a huge mistake using Photoshop in an ad campaign disaster.

On Thursday, one user on Imgur dug up an old Target advertisement and posted the photo online of a happy family wearing fleece sweatshirts and sweatpants, laughing and hugging each other.

No problem, right?

Wrong. The father of the family featured to sell the fleece tops and trackpants has three arms.

See it? Fail.

The man has his left hand around his daughter, and two right hands: One at his side and one around the shoulder of his wife, most likely let slip by a carless ad agency created by a sloppy photo-editing application like Photoshop.

The mistake, which would normally go unnnoticed, however, was viewed more than one million times in less than 24 hours since it was uploaded to Imgur.

But Target isn't the worst casualty of poor Photoshop usage. On the flipside, instead of adding another limb, Ann Taylor completely erased, or Photochopped, an entire arm in an ad for the Twist Neck Short Sleeve Tee. Similarly, BuzzFeed pointed out that Forever 21 edits out women's knees on their website.

Here are some photos of the worst Photoshopped ad mistakes and errors of all time.

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