Luxury Jewelry: With her midnight black hair, brooding eyes and husky voice, Paloma Picasso's sunny personality doesn't always get a chance to shine through.

So it is such a treat to get closer to this brilliant jewelry designer at the new Paloma Picasso e-boutique at

Aside from showcasing a vast array of Picasso's modern designs for the house, a series of videos features Picasso at her worktable surrounded by the photographs that inspire her. She opens up to the interviewer with revelations about her childhood, her creative process, and her new collections.

Growing up, I thought that in life you breathe, you eat, you sleep and you draw, Picasso remarks, while a photo flashes by of her as a child drawing alongside her famous father, Pablo.

She also hints at the enormous pressure she felt, living in the shadow of two gifted artists.

As I grew up I started feeling the weight of my heritage. By the time I was 14, I completely froze. I couldn't draw any longer.

Those feelings of insecurity were conquered and Picasso grew into the realization that fine jewelry would be her métier.

As a child, very often you will see me wearing a piece of jewelry which is not typical of most little girls, she says. So it was always very much a focus of mine.

Picasso also discusses how her husband, a medical doctor, pushed her to do men's designs. And how the varying quality of light in Geneva, France and Morocco gives her ideas for mixing coloured stones.

By Bernadette Morra


JustLuxe Contributor