McDonald's has taken its billboard campaign to an interactive level in Sweden by launching a game website for smartphone users.

“Pick and Play” website allows the user to control the billboard and turn it into his or her own personal game and by completing the game in 30 seconds, the user gets to win coupons for free food in the nearest McDonald's restaurant.

The game does not require any app as the phone picks up the location on its own.

On choosing the prize, the user starts playing the video game of Pong. The challenge for the player is to last for 30 minutes against the smartphone, which takes control of the screen. On winning the game, a digital coupon will be sent to the smartphone and on losing, it will be displayed on a large interactive billboard for all to see.

McDonald's had launched a similar game called McWedding in Hong Kong in February, which hosted wedding including offering wedding gifts, invites, decorations featuring Ronald McDonald, and more depending upon the package.