Pink OTC Markets Inc., the electronic communications and connectivity backbone of the US over-the-counter (OTC) securities market, announced this morning the upgrading of its Class A common stock to the OTCQX, which is considered the premier tier of the OTC market due to its substantive quality control measures.

The OTCQX platform offers greater transparency, information, and access via regulated US brokers compared to the rest of the OTC market, and presents a robust profile of marketplace services previously only found on a US stock exchange.

President and CEO of PINK, R. Cromwell Coulson, noted the transparency and efficiency of the OTCQX as primary motivating factors in the decision to upgrade, and proudly welcomed this opportunity to show the other “distinguished OTCQX companies trading in this top tier of the OTC market” that PINK holds itself to the same “investor-focused standards”.

Real-time PINK Level 2 quotes are available via the website and it should be noted that the Company uses the Alternative Reporting Standard, a Disclosure standard engineered to bring greater fidelity to non-SEC filing, smaller publicly-traded companies.

Serving the role of Investment Bank Designated Advisor for Disclosure (DAD) for PINK on OTCQX will be the respected Merriman Curhan Ford & Co., an investment banking firm which offers a broad array of services from research to every stage of an IPO, and even after-market support.

Co-founder of Merriman Curhan Ford, Jon Merriman spoke of his firm’s dedicated belief in the “value that OTCQX offers OTC companies looking to differentiate themselves in the U.S. capital markets”, and spoke with excitement about being selected to handle Pink OTC Markets’ Investment Bank DAD.