In a statement that is bound to trigger a three way war, fire-brand pop star Pink has tweeted a feisty response to Christina Aguilera's arrest for public intoxication. After Aguilera spent a whole morning sobering up in a West Hollywood police station, Pink stressed upon her clear record as against that of Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Out of Myself, Britney [Spears] and Christina - didn't everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? the singer posted on Twitter. LOOK MA!!! NO CUFFS!

Pink's statement comes at a time when she prepares to put her wild days behind her by turning a mom.

The three pop singers dominated the pop scene in the '90s. While Pink sported the tough tom boy persona, Britney and Christina had innocence tagged to them.

Although Britney may not be in a state to contest Pink's tweet due to her well-documented troubled past, Aguilera is a recent entrant into the hall of shame.

After fumbling with the national anthem at the Super Bowl, Aguilera has now emerged on the negative radar with the arrest for public intoxication. Police in West Hollywood, who picked up Aguilera along with her boyfriend Matt Rutler, described the singer as extremely intoxicated and unable to take care of herself.