Younger sister, Pippa, goes beyond the shadow of her sister and casts her very own spotlight in the form of a television event. "Crazy About Pippa" is set to be an hour long special that will air on TLC and has been produced by Target Entertainment.

The documentary "focuses on Britain's most eligible bachelorette--Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's younger sister--Pippa Middleton," the cable network reported during a press conference. It features an inside look on the star from those very close to her. Since, she has yet to give an interview on television, many will be sure to tune in and find out just who is Pippa Middleton. Apparently, we learn in the film that Prince Harry refers to Pippa as a "foxy filly"...whatever that means...

Since Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding this past Spring, Pippa has been a focus of tabloids all around the globe. Her Facebook fan page has over 185,000 "likes" and it is rumored that she was offered $5 million to star in an adult flick by Vivid Entertainment. Just like Kate, Pippa's style has been scrutinized and praised internationally. Designed by Sarah Burton, Pippa's maid of honor gown for the royal wedding received great reviews. She has garnered great interest and fame in the UK as well as the U.S.

Catch "Crazy About Pippa" on TLC Aug. 9.