Pippa Middleton has caused quite a stir.

The sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, has become an international sensation ever since appearing at her sister's wedding wearing a curve-hugging, buttercream Sara Burton of Alexander McQueen gown. 

She was instantly dubbed Her Royal Hotness on blogs around the world.

Most of them were referring to her extraordinary bottom. But we think Pippa's style is just as gorgeous.

Pippa Middleton has that quintessential girl-next-door look. She has an athletic build and she opts for more natural make-up choices.

Middleton's style could best be described as casual chic.

Some of her style staples include: ballet flats, sunglasses, sheath dresses, blazers, and brown boots.

She usually sticks to primary colors -- black, red, brown, navy, and white -- and steers clear of wild prints and neons. 

Pippa has gotten acclaim for her fashion sense and beauty in countries around the world.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar even went so far as to compare Pippa to Kate. In reference to Kate's rail thin physique, Gellar said to Health magazine: I feel like 10 years ago, it would have been like, 'Oh, she looks incredible.' Whereas you look at her sister, who has such a fabulously athletic body­ -- I mean, a real athlete's body -- and I think there's this movement now, where more women, finally, want to look like that.

The 28-year-old is a party planner in the UK, working for her mother's company Party Pieces.

She is currently dating Alex Loudon, a former cricketer and now business student at the London Business School.

Although they keep their relationship hush-hush, a source reportedly told Marie Claire, He is madly in love with her. Alex thinks it's hilarious that suddenly the world has discovered Pippa.

Check out the following slideshow of some of Pippa's chic ensembles.


*All images were retrieved from the Tumblr page made by Pippa Middleton fans.

*All clothing specifications retrieved from the Pippa Middleton website set up by Pippa Middleton fans to showcase her latest styles and finding the originating store.