Pippa Middleton, the 27-year old sister of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton), is back on the radar with a new documentary set to air on TLC in August.

Pippa's appearance at the Royal wedding in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown sparked interest and earned her the unofficial title of "Her Royal Hotness."  

The fashionista, who turned heads at Wimbledon, temporarily stealing the spotlight from the famous tennis tournament, is slated to appear in a one-hour, in depth TLC documentary about her life titled, "Crazy about Pippa."

TLC will interview experts and Pippa's pals in order to provide insight into the childhood, life, and work of the future Queen of England's baby sister.

TLC has also alluded to the fact that the documentary will include commentary about her alleged connection to Prince Harry, in addition to her highly regarded derriere (which boasts nearly 240,000 fans on Facebook).  Pippa's backside has even sparked a plastic surgery craze called the "Pippa Butt Lift," according to FOX News.

TLC suggests, tantalizingly, that the documentary will discuss Pippa's relationship with Prince Harry - although details released by TLC that new brother-in-law Harry refers to her as a "foxy filly" is likely to be as salacious as it gets.

The documentary will air at 9 p.m. ET on August 9 and "focuses on Britain's most eligible bachelorette," though longtime boyfriend Alex Loudon may baulk at the term. No doubt he would like to think of his girlfriend as very much ineligible.