Shiver me timbers! The fifth installment in the Disney franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” has confirmed a cast addition. According to reports, Kaya Scodelario, best known for the TV teen drama “Skins” and the sci-fi thriller “The Maze Runner," will be sailing along with Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in the 2017 release "Dead Men Tell No Tales."

Jerry Bruckheimer, the film's producer, revealed via Twitter the English actress’ participation. “Pleased to announce that we cast Kaya Scodelario for the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean. Talented young actor from Skins & The Maze Runner,” he stated in a tweet.

Bruckheimer didn't mention Scodelario’s role in the forthcoming film. It had been speculated she would replace Keira Knightley as the female lead in the film series. Knightley portrayed Elizabeth Swann in the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, ending her stint with 2007's "At World's End." Orlando Bloom, who played Will Turner in the first three films, also was absent from the fourth title, 2011's "On Stranger Tides." In that film, Penelope Cruz played a new character, Angelica. 

The last time fans saw Elizabeth and Will, the duo were facing the repercussions of Will’s new gig as Davy Jones. Bloom’s character was cursed with ferrying lost souls to the afterlife following Jones’ death, which allowed him to set foot on land only every 10 years. With the upcoming installment, it's possible that story line could continue. Bloom is rumored to be returning in the new film.

Should series fans expect Scodelario to follow in Knightley’s footsteps by kicking butt and looking good while doing it? It sure seems that way! It was even speculated that much like Knightley’s character, Scodelario also would be involved in a romantic relationship with a dapper young man who just so happens to be related to Will and Elizabeth.

In the final scene of the third installment, it was revealed that Elizabeth and William had a child together. An older version of their son will be played in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" by Brenton Thwaites of “The Giver.”

Thwaites confirmed his appearance in the fifth installment during an interview with the Mirror, where he dished juicy details on his character. "It’s about a young man who wants to reconnect with his father, Davy Jones," he revealed. "There’s a curse that prevents him from doing that. I think it’s about how he goes around that and tries to fix it and he has to save his dad. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a lot of fun!”

Although Thwaites neglected to discuss any potential romance for his character in the upcoming flick, is it safe to assume that he and Scodelario will some steamy on-screen moments when “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" is released in 2017? Sound off in the comments section below on your theories!