A new video and photos from the sets of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5,” posted on Tuesday, show a ship being taken out to sea. The photos and video were apparently taken along the Gold Coast in Australia, where filming for the movie is currently underway. Meanwhile, cast member Johnny Depp has become a foster father to an orphaned bat.

The producers of the movie had built massive ships on the sets of the movie, but now they appear to be heading out to sea to film a few scenes. This video, posted on the YouTube channel AussieNews1, shows a wooden ship being hauled out to sea. The ship has some cannons on board and a few can be seen in the video.

The sails of the ship have not been unfurled. More photos of the ship can be seen in this post by 7News Brisbane on Twitter. None of the cast or crew members can be seen in the photos or the video.

Meanwhile, Depp has become a foster father to a Flying Fox bat. The baby bat was apparently found orphaned after a storm along the Gold Coast last week. The Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Center helped rescue the bat. One of the organization’s volunteers, who is a crew member for “Pirates of the Caribbean 5,” helped spread the word and Depp heard about the bat. The actor later decided to sponsor the bat and become its “foster father.”

The bat clinic has thanked the actor on its Facebook page. This photo, shared by the organization, shows the bat wearing a green sweater for protection during the harsh winter months. Commenting on the posts, many people thanked Depp for helping the animal and raising awareness about bat rescue and conservation.

The bat is said to be doing well after “intensive nursing” and has been named Jackie Sparrow, in honor of Depp's "Pirates" character.

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