A Chinese ship with 146 people on board was hijacked Monday in the Indian Ocean, according to the EU Naval Force.

John Harbour, a commander with the British Royal Navy who serves with the EU Naval Force, said the ship has been located earlier Monday and two pirates could be seen on deck and some small boats that were used in pirate attacks.

He said the Chinese ship was hijacked 550 nautical miles northeast of the Seychelles and 770 nautical miles off the east coast of Somalia.

The EU naval force was monitoring the ship's movements Monday afternoon.

The name of the Chinese ship has been identified as De Xin Hai and there are 25 Chinese aboard the ship, a task force spokesman said.

According to the Chinese ship owners' association, the ship weighs 40,892 tones and stretches 225 meters in length.

It is carrying coal on board and was heading to India from South Africa when it was hijacked.

China's Ministry of Transport said on Monday that relevant governmental agencies were making efforts for the rescue of the bulk carrier.