Apple Launched the Mac App Store on Jan. 6, but application developers are already reaping the benefits of Apple's iTunes-esque approach to OSX applications.

Pixelmator co-founder Saulius Dalinade, announced yesterday that the Pixelmator application grossed $1 million since the Mac Store's launch. Pixelmator, an image editing program, was launched in 2007, and is offered as an alternative to more pricy programs like Adobe's Photoshop.

Saulius Dalinade told All Things Digital's John Paczkowski that the company had sold about 33,300 copies of the Pixelmator application since the Mac Store's launch.

Pixelmator, which costs $29.99 on the Mac Store, ran for $59.99 before it was added to the Mac Store. The Pixelmator team plans on making the Mac Store the sole method of distribution for the application.

Apple takes a 30 percent cut out of applications offered on the Mac Store. The company, however, does not charge hosting or marketing fees for applications offered on its store.