So, you've fallen off the wagon on your diet. You're craving a fast food fix. What's it gonna be - a burger, or a slice of pizza?

Well, Burger King has bad news for you: the new Pizza Burger, which packs in 2,500 calories and 144g of fat...

Will only be available from the Whopper Bar in New York's Times Square, from this September... fortunately for most of us!

Billed as a snack to share with friends, the Pizza Burger has a burger four times the usual size, on a 9.5 inch sesame seed bun, topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, Tuscan pesto, and marinara sauce. It's sliced into six to look like a pizza. And, it'll cost you $13.

The good news? If you love pizza and burgers, you can get a double hit. The Pizza Burger will be available 24/7 - so you can satisfy your cravings at any time of the day or night.

The bad news? It'll contain your entire daily calorie allowance, plus more:

The Pizza Burger contains 144g of fat, 59g of which is saturated - the equivalent of 29 rashers of bacon. If that's not enough to put you off, it contains 3,780mg of salt - more than double the 1,600mg daily limit for adults.

Burger King's vice-president, John Schaufelberger, defended the chain's plans by saying the Pizza Burger is intended to be shared. Even so, one single slice of that monstrosity clocks in at 417 calories, and 24g of fat (plus 10g of saturated fat) - more than many dieters would eat in a full meal. CBS news pointed out that most people wouldn't split the Pizza Burger between six, either:

Nutritional information posted on the company's website indicates that each Pizza Burger contains six servings, though time will tell whether people brave enough to order the sandwich share it - or scarf it all by themselves.

Would you find the Pizza Burger tempting? Or, does the thought of it send you scurrying for a fresh fruit smoothie?

Reprinted from Dietblog