Emerging Growth Research, LLP recently completed a 25 page research report on Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. and its Spider Silk technology. To establish a value for the super fiber, the research bureau evaluated the success of DuPont's Kevlar, which currently brings in more than $5 billion a year from sales of Kevlar. After the evaluation, Emerging Growth Research concluded that Kevlar is worth approximately $8 billion.

If Kraig Biocraft makes a substantial breakthrough in the laboratory and is able to further refine its technology to produce commercial amounts, the technology will be immediately worth potentially several hundred million dollars to one of the multinational corporations operating within the technical textiles industry. Recognizing the massive potential, Emerging Growth Research has established a $4.00 target price, which represents a market capitalization of $200 million.

In final remarks, the research bureau stated, Should additional refinements be made and actual production of fibers commence resulting in the beginnings of a robust fast growing market for spider silk-based products, we believe the value of this technology could potentially skyrocket, ultimately being worth billions of dollars to the company’s investors. Shares of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories are clearly speculative, but offer some exciting appreciation possibilities in the future. It will surely be exciting to watch developments at this company over the coming years.

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