width=200The Centenary College of New Jersey, an independent college based in New Jersey, USA has announced that it is to end its China MBA program due to issues related to its organization and operations.

After conducting a review into the MBA program in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Taiwan, the college found evidence of widespread plagiarism among other issues, at a level that ordinarily would have resulted in students' immediate dismissal, said a statement.

The school states that it is offering the 400 MBA students enrolled at the three Asian campuses the option of a full refund, or a comprehensive exam so that students are still able to earn their MBA. To date, of those students who have responded, all but two have opted for the refund, the college claimed on Monday.

The college is currently processing refunds, and all students have been asked to respond with their choice by July 30, the statement continues. The College and its counsel have been working diligently to resolve this situation in a manner that is fair and in the best interests of both the program's students and the College as a whole.