The PLANET BOTTLE Corporation announced yesterday that their independently operated subsidiary, Worldwide Franchise Group, has signed an agreement to acquire the Canadian rights to sell and develop the EmbroidMe franchise across the country on behalf of the Canadian Master Franchise Licensee of EmbroidMe, Colonial York Financial Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Patrick Rooney, CEO of The PLANET BOTTLE stated, “Our franchising team is dedicated to aggressively build on the base of 18 franchised ‘EmbroidMe’ stores currently operating across Canada. This transaction will supplement the cash flow of Worldwide Franchise Group allowing us to build a professional team to manage and attract financing to capitalize on many developing opportunities in Canadian franchising. We will soon introduce a program where we can enhance our PLANET BOTTLE concept and our mission to impact the fight against pollution of the Planet by the plastic bottle using our franchising infrastructure.”

The EmbroidMe development agreement is the second franchise concept that Worldwide Franchise Group has with United Franchise Group of West Palm Beach, Florida. It is a natural fit with their recent acquisition of the Canadian Master Franchise License for SIGNARAMA by Worldwide Franchise Group.

J.R. Richardson, President of Worldwide Franchise Group stated, “We are very excited about this recent development. The signing of the sales and development agreement with EmbroidMe for Canada goes hand in hand with our recent acquisition of SIGNARAMA and provides the opportunity for our management team to harness our franchise sales and development expertise for both franchise concepts EmbroidMe and Sign-a-Rama while providing additional revenues for the consolidated Company.”

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, The PLANET BOTTLE has the world’s only masterbatch additive developed by Wells Plastics of the UK and branded as Reverteā„¢ that causes the ordinary PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottle to oxo-biodegrade. The Company’s second initiative is a captive subsidiary, Worldwide Franchise Group, that owns the Canadian master franchise right for Sign-a-Rama (Canada) and now has a strategic alliance with the Canadian master franchisee to expand the EmbroidMe store base across Canada.

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