The upcoming free-to-play massively multiplayer online “Planetside 2” will launch its closed PlayStation 4 beta on Jan. 20, Sony said Wednesday in a blog post.

“We’ll be using this beta period to test our servers, performance, and various other aspects of the game, and we also want you to share constructive feedback on ‘PlanetSide 2’,” the executive producer at Sony Online Entertainment, Clint Worley, said. “How does the game look and feel? Is navigating through the menus intuitive and utilizing DualShock 4 in the best way?”

Players have been looking forward to the remake of 2003’s shooter “Planetside” since 2014, and the beta was originally scheduled for a release date sometime last year.

“All players in the Closed Beta will have access to our special Beta forums, which will be the primary location for development interaction and feedback. We want the massive battles to make your heart pound and adrenaline pump, so share your thoughts with us,” Worley added.

“Planetside 2” features open-world, large-scale battles of as many as to 2,000 players. There are six types of playable characters in the game: Infiltrator, Light Assault, Combat Medic, Engineer, Heavy Assault and Max. The installment will also use a new game engine. “Planetside 2” will be set at a faster pace than its 2003 counterpart, with a territory system that differs greatly from the original.

If they haven’t done so, players can sign up here. Sony will only allow a few thousand players into the closed beta, but then will allow waves of players throughout various points during the beta’s run. Players will be selected in chronological order according to the time they sign up.