First, there was planking, then there was leisure diving, and now, we have owling.  It seems every day a new Facebook fad pops up promising the next odd pose for camera-ready teens.

Planking first gained international attention when an Australian man fell to his death attempting to plank a railing while his friend was photographing nearby.  Instead of squelching the fad, the media attention served to heave planking onto the international stage.

Planking is not exactly new.  In fact, it's much older than you may realize.  Two groups lay claim to inventing the stunt.  One group was formed in 2000 by Brits Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon as the lying down game, while the other started eight years later in South Australia as planking.  Both have rival Facebook sites.

Leisure diving is much more recent.  Started in 2011, according to its own website, leisure divers are dedicated to chilling out poolside, with a beverage, and in mid-air.  The leisure dive speaks to a person who is extreme and yet, relaxed.  Someone who -- by definition -- likes to jump off things and just chill. The irony is not lost on us. We think it's brilliant.

Leisure divers jump into pools - often fully clothed and with a beverage - sporting an amused leisure face. Leisure diving even has its own merchandising.

Owling popped up this past month and has quickly grown into a fad to be reckoned with.  Like the other two, this one is mind-numbingly simple.  Sit like an owl and get your photo taken - the crazier the situation the better.

Just don't go to unless you want some inspiration from actual owls.

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Here's a look at these competing fads:

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