Fast gaining popularity as the latest trend on Facebook is the next level of Planking called Horsemaning. So, has the popular and bizarre act of Planking given way for the entry of a new contender?

Sweeping fast across the workplaces, recreation centers and public places across the world is the new funny and awkward act of Horsemaning.

Believed to have evolved during the 1920s, Horsemaning has taken its name from the term Headless Horseman and is performed by hiding the head of a person as best as possible. It is also referred to as fake beheading, where a second person then exposes only his head and hides the rest of the body to create an optical illusion.

The illusion looks very weird; as if a person has detached his head and placed it somewhere nearby. For some eager eyes, waiting for a bucket list of bizarre photography, this might sound fun.

Check out the latest Horsemaning images in the slideshow given:

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