width=205Fine Jewelry: Platinum is the most luxurious metal on earth, enhancing jewelry like no other metal can.

The highest quality precious metal lasts a lifetime, ensuring that jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation without ever tarnishing. In addition, it is a naturally white metal so it will never fade, it will keep its brilliant white luster forever, unlike white gold. It is also the most durable of metals. The white hue perfectly enhances the brilliance of diamonds, which is why it has been a favorite of jewelry makers for centuries. Most of the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world are held in place with platinum, including the Hope Diamond and the Star of Africa, because platinum holds gemstones much more securely than other metals.

Platinum antique jewelry currently on the market includes the Platinum Sautoir from the Siegelson collection. The pendant is circa 1920 from France and contains a sapphire weighting 76.11 carats, as well as 718 old mine and old European-cut diamonds, for a total carat weight of 34.40.

width=149Another stunning use of platinum is in the Siegelson Brooch Platinum brooch by Paul Flato, from the Siegelson collection. Made in New York, circa 1936, the brooch contains over 546 diamonds and was featured in Vogue magazine in 1936 and 1937.

Platinum enhances any piece and style of jewelry and also helps secure the stones, as it is 30 times more rare than gold and weighs a third more. These benefits make platinum not only luxurious-looking, but reassuring as well, the ideal setting for an important piece like her engagement ring.

DeBeers, Platt Boutique Jewelry, Martin Flyer and Natalie K all trust platinum to contain brilliant diamonds, enhancing and protecting the world's most precious stone.

Whatever your style preference, platinum is a good choice for a setting, as it will secure and enhance precious gemstones for years to come.

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