Research In Motion Ltd has launched the much-awaited and the most-expected software upgrade of BlackBerry PlayBook Tuesday. The launch of PlayBook 2.0 OS will be able to silence its critics, believes the company.

PlayBook, which already faces tough competition from Amazon and Apple, finally features an OS that gives one-click access to all of a user's email accounts.

The previous version of the OS gave users limited access to their email through the tablet's built-in Web browser, a major drawback that many critics labeled as the device's ultimate Achilles' heel.

Almost a year after the release of BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, RIM has now introduced a new OS that should have been in the first iteration of the tablet.

But the OS, which was launched only a day ago, has already come under fierce criticisms as the experts are already skeptical about the success of the new software. They believe RIM has incorporated only a few minor changes, which will fail to give BlackBerry PlayBook the great boost in the sale as it was needed to compete with its ever-progressing competitors.

Check out the five most important features of RIM's new PlayBook 2.0 OS.

1. E-mail Client: A must-have feature that was absent in the previous PlayBook OS, has been introduced this time with version 2.0.

RIM has introduced a native email client by launching a unified inbox, which allows users to access email accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter messages.

Check out the video on email and messaging below:

2. Built-in Calendar Client and Contacts Client Apps: Along with the Email Client app, RIM has also launched Calendar function on the PlayBook 2.0.

Although the calendar client is elegantly designed, experts find the functionality of the app very basic.

The app, however, combines an attractive and intuitive user interface. Both the Calendar and Contact client apps gather and store information from social networks and make it available for the users.

The Contact cards also get automatically updated information from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and create a consolidated view of contacts.

3. BlackBerry Bridge App: The BlackBerry Bridge app provides a unique Bluetooth connection between the BlackBerry PlayBook and core apps on the BlackBerry smartphone (including BBM, Email, Contacts, Calendar and Browser).

The app lets you view the content on the larger tablet display for an optimized viewing and editing experience.

The new BlackBerry Bridge app also provides a new remote control feature that allows a BlackBerry smartphone to be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse for a BlackBerry PlayBook.

Check out how easy it is now to be connected with your BlackBerry devices:


4. Improved Mobile Productivity: The new PlayBook OS introduces an updated document editing functions (Documents to Go), the new Print To Go app (an app that allows you to install the Playbook as a wireless printer), BlackBerry Balance (for increased control and manageability of corporate data) and an updated virtual keyboard (with auto correction and predictive text input for faster, more accurate typing).

5. Android App Player: With PlayBook OS 2.0, RIM has added thousands of new apps to BlackBerry App World for the ultimate tablet experience.

These apps include a range of Android apps that will run on the BlackBerry PlayBook. But the Android apps available on the PlayBook are not the same as the ones that run on the Ice Cream Sandwich, or even Honeycomb, but the ones that are designed for smaller smartphones.

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