Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner, founder and publisher of America’s Playboy magazine, has denied reports that he is dead of a heart attack by taking to his Twitter account.

The magazine mogul took to his Twitter page to downplay his death rumors and said he is still alive and in good health.

The rumors of my death are, as Mark Twain observed in a similar situation, greatly exaggerated. I'm very much alive and kicking. Hefner wrote on Twitter.

“I'm lying in bed next to Shera Bechard with a big smile on my face, reading tweets about my unexpected demise,” Hefner wrote. I'm happy to see how many people are pleased that I'm not dead. I'm pleased too, he added.

Hefner also revealed to fans that he was spending his day watching a program detailing his marriage drama last month, which saw fiancee Crystal Harris end their relationship just days before their planned wedding.

Initial rumors which began circulating on Internet on Monday said the 85-year-old was reportedly dead of a heart attack on July 11th.

Hefner suffered from a mild stroke over 15 years ago when he was 59 and has since toned down the wild lifestyle he formerly had.

Hefner’s life and career have been steeped in controversy ever since the first Playboy magazine hit newsstands in 1953. He financed the launch of his empire by selling all his furniture and securing $8000 from 25 investors.

Hefner’s first marriage took place in 1949 with Mildred Williams and that lasted 10 years. He was arrested in 1963 for printing illegal photos of starlet Jayne Mansfield. He married Playmate of the Year Kimberley Conrad in 1990.

Hefner then began to move coterie of young women into his house, the Playboy Mansion, and even dated up to seven girls at once. When girls left, Hefner would rebound quickly to date new girlfriends.

He recently made headlines in the news as a result of a very dramatic public breakup with former fiancee Crystal Harris, which occurred only days before their nuptials were scheduled to take place.