Players Network is a digital media company that focuses on the Las Vegas and gaming lifestyles. The company has a 12-year history of producing and distributing original gaming and Las Vegas lifestyle content. The company’s content is seen in over 22 million homes in the US through Comcast, DirecTV, etc. and in over 120 million homes worldwide through TV syndication.

Players Network has announced a co-branding and revenue sharing agreement with Horse Racing Simulation LLC, a leader in the development and licensing of interactive technology for the horse racing industry. Players Network will market Horse Racing Simulation’s SIM2WIN handicapping software and Horse Racing Fantasy’s racing products. Both products are already affiliated with major horse racing brands.

Mark Bradley, CEO of Players Network, commented on the agreement, “This agreement is part of our strategic plan to build programming within the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry, with integrated revenue streams, leveraging Players Network’s global TV network of 144 million homes, as well as our internet distribution platforms.” Mr. Bradley continued, “Horse Racing Simulation’s products work well with our goals within the industry, including more visibility for the sport, higher betting pools, and increased network returns.”

The company also recently announced an affiliate agreement with U.S. Off Track, an online horse race betting service. The revenue sharing deal with Horse Racing Simulation is another part of Players Network’s ongoing business model to monetize their content by combining advertising, branded entertainment, and e-commerce within programming categories.