Two new models of the Sony PlayStation 4 – one with a 1 terabyte hard drive – could soon be available, based on documents just published by the Federal Communications Commission. A 1 TB hard drive would double the current PlayStation capacity of 500 GB and certainly make life much easier for gamers who spent hundreds of dollars on their console only to watch its storage fill up quickly.

The FCC documentation, first published by, outlines details about two new models: the CUH-1215A and the CUH-1215B. The former has been tested with the traditional 500 GB hard drive while the latter could soon be released with a 1 TB hard drive. The CUH-1215B also weighs less (2.5 kg compared to 2.8 kg) and a 230 watt volt rate vs. a 250 watt volt rate.

The update comes two weeks before Sony will announce updates and make details available on its entire line of products, PlayStation 4 included, at the E3 press event. Sony Computer Entertainment chief Andrew House wouldn't reveal any details during a recent appearance at Electronic Investor Relations Day, only promising an “exciting show.”

“I think that it will be a show were we see the next generation of hardware really start to deliver great content and great experiences that if not take full advantage of the platform, will add a lot more advantage than we've seen before,” he said, as quoted by

The documents made public by the FCC do not indicate the PlayStation 4 will come in a different size.