May 2010 pledge update below; as mentioned in previous posts we are on track for a late summer/early fall 2010 launch. .

Last month brought in $830,000 of pledges; this takes the total amount to 133% of the initial goal of $7M. The fund is funded - at least virtually, will need to wait until the real thing for the real iteration. The total number of investors is now about 300. I will continue with my normal conservative projection of a $300-350K monthly run rate of pledges go forward for the next 4 months. From here, hopefully a buffer of pledges can be built in case some proportion of people will not follow through.

If you are a person potentially interested and new(er) to the website, here are the pertinent posts to become familiar with the specifics.

  1. The overall goal and why I'm aiming for $7 approx million [Jan 7, 2008: Reader Pledges Toward Mutual Fund Launch]
  2. Frequently Asked Questions [May 26, 2008: Frequently Asked Questions] Very important to read
  3. Why I need your state [May 23, 2008: Investment Pledges by State] Keep in mind a state's eligibility can be turned on overnight once we're up and running
  4. Most recent updates (this November) [Nov 4, 2009: General Updates]
  5. Our story in Barron's [A New Kind of Fund Manager]

Let me copy the same caveats for pledges as always:

  1. Assume a pledge amount that is firm based on a fund opening in summer 2010.
  2. Assume at any point in 2010 the market may be down 30% from here
  3. Make your pledge based on liquid assets that are not currently in some high octane mutual fund that loses 40% when the market falls 30%, nor gains 50% when the market gains 40%. That money is not something that can be counted on in a volatile market.
  4. Please have whatever monies are pledged to the fund, in money market or equivalent by April/May 2010 so it is not at risk in the market.

Format for fund pledge: first name, last initial, pledged amount, and state you live in. To be clear, you are not sending me money that I'm going to hold until launch when you 'pledge' - you are simply making a verbal commitment: when you are up and running, I have $X amount ready to invest. You can attach a comment to this post or as most people do, send me an email (my email address is found on the upper right of the blog) with the above information. I'd prefer an email if possible.


[if your name is missing it is because you did not email me your state - please do, thanks]

Name Amount State/Country

John R 3,000 AK Bob B 50,000 AR Ed S 5,000 AZ Alan N 15,000 AZ Armour B 50,000 AZ Dharminder M 100,000 AZ Pat L 10,000 AZ Ron G 10,000 AZ Werner C 10,000 AZ Jake P 10,000 AZ Art H 50,000 CA Benjamin W 5,000 CA Dave K 100,000 CA Greg B 25,000 CA Kurt C 10,000 CA Ron W 10,000 CA Tom L 25,000 CA Ted C 5,000 CA Brian L 50,000 CA Rich P 30,000 CA Shannon V 5,000 CA Sunil K 10,000 CA Anatoly S 10,000 CA Wesley W 20,000 CA Burt B 10,000 CA John L 5,000 CA Alven Y 5,000 CA Piyush M 5,000 CA Paresh P 5,000 CA Dinesh K 5,000 CA Naresh P 5,000 CA Jay S* 5,000 CA Shang C 50,000 CA Henry C 3,000 CA Charles Y 100,000 CA George 5,000 CA Ross T 5,000 CA James H 5,000 CA Dana K 25,000 CA Walt C 30,000 CA Charles L 20,000 CA Greg W 20,000 CA Raj 10,000 CA Judy M 20,000 CA Dave H 20,000 CA Akash A 6,000 CA Adam S 5,000 CA F.A. 100,000 CA Brian C 25,000 CA Mark R 10,000 CA Steven L 25,000 CA Diane H 100,000 CA Giancarlo S 2,500 CA Scott W 50,000 CA Henry C 8,500 CA Jason N 30,000 CA Marvin L 10,000 CA Mike C 10,000 CA John G 2,500 CA George H 5,000 CA Dean D 25,000 CA Peter S 2,500 CA Dan W 5,000 CA Dan A 10,700 CA Rohit G 10,000 CA Jason Z 20,000 CA Jay C 5,000 CA Ben C 15,000 CA Adam B 20,000 CO Alecia C 75,000 CO Seth 3,000 CO Dieter 5,000 CO David H 50,000 CO Mike H 15,000 CT Michelle T (Bob) 20,000 CT Chris P 100,000 CT Chris M 50,000 CT Mark B* 25,000 D.C. Elaine C 20,000 D.C. Tom E 5,000 DE Vic C 10,000 FL Wes T 10,000 FL Ron S* 100,000 FL (sailing) Olivier N 10,000 FL Bob H 3,500 FL Chris I 20,000 FL Dave C 25,000 FL Kevin D 5,000 FL Patrick L 100,000 FL Matt D 5,000 FL Gordon P 25,000 FL JH 25,000 FL Sandy S 150,000 GA Andrew L 5,000 GA Mark L 2,500 IA Jeff M 20,000 IA Ian J 5,000 ID Jay S 10,000 IL Mike P 500,000 IL Vivek G 75,000 IL Art K 30,000 IL Ben 10,000 IN Matt L 5,000 IN Jake R 50,000 KS Bruce L 25,000 KY Bill H 5,000 MA Bruce W 2,500 MA John B 20,000 MA Don D 50,000 MA Rain Lan 30,000 MA Vincent 20,000 MA MB 20,000 MD Raeann 10,000 MD Mark P 30,000 MD Mark 60,000 MI Ralph B 50,000 MI May L 30,000 MI Rich S 5,000 MI Y.O. 15,000 MI Elia K 25,000 MI Garret B 2,500 MI NF (Oct 10) 200,000 MI Scott L 7,500 MN Tom S 20,000 MN James W 5,000 MN Ritchie H 2,500 MN Mark M 5,000 MN Marshall H 5,000 MO Wolfgang S 7,500 MO Nathan J 10,000 MO Neil B 50,000 MO Tom E 5,000 MO Jerry C 30,000 MT Tom M 10,000 MT George L 10,000 NC Brian C 5,000 NC Colleen P 5,000 NC Paul F 5,000 NC Scott G 80,000 NC Lenin T 2,500 NC Joshua R 5,000 NC Adam B 10,000 NJ David B 50,000 NJ Frank G 500,000 NJ Henric B 25,000 NJ Ryan T 7,500 NJ B Shah 2,500 NJ Rama R 4,000 NJ Richard H 100,000 NJ Vijay K 75,000 NJ Howard A 5,000 NJ Jordan L 2,500 NJ Andy/Diana H 12,000 NJ Jack L 10,000 NJ Josh R 5,000 NJ Lisa W 50,000 NJ Tony D 15,000 NJ Hui C* 100,000 NJ Frederick S 20,000 NJ Pranav S 30,000 NJ Albert W 5,000 NJ Andrew 100,000 NV Arun K 25,000 NV Tom S 25,000 NV Dennis T 2,500 NV Michael S 5,000 NV Gary M 10,000 NY Rob T 20,000 NY Igor O* 500,000 NY Chris Y 10,000 NY Tim C 20,000 NY Atul R 5,000 NY Rob #2 6,000 NY Marc E 7,500 NY Bob M 100,000 NY Felipe V 5,000 NY Lester B 100,000 NY Matt Z 5,000 NY Tariq 5,000 NY Joe C 5,000 NY Bill A 2,500 NY Josh S* 25,000 NY Chris W 10,000 NY Ken T 15,000 NY Peter G 25,000 NY Joe S 25,000 NY Adam M 10,000 OH Justin K 30,000 OH Robert S 5,000 OH Dan W 5,000 OH Tom K 5,000 OH David O 100,000 OH Dilip K 5,000 OK Blake V 250,000 OK Ryan 3,000 OK Nelson W 10,000 OK Michael G 2,500 OR Joe V 50,000 OR Darin P 20,000 OR Bill G 10,000 PA Jatinder M 10,000 PA V.K.K. 20,000 PA Bruce R 100,000 PA Joe C 10,000 PA Nathan S 3,000 PA David M 2,500 PA Robert T 75,000 RI Heidi H 25,000 RI Doris S* 100,000 SC Steve 100,000 SD Dave S 20,000 TN Matt S 10,000 TN Pankaj S 5,000 TN Lukas V 5,000 TN Ben M 10,000 TN Joe P 10,000 TX Doug M 40,000 TX H.S. 2,500 TX Ian* 50,000 TX Phong 10,000 TX Jason D 5,000 TX AZ 10,000 TX Glenn J 5,000 TX Samba V 20,000 TX Coby S 50,000 TX Alex T 10,000 TX Shane V 25,000 TX Greg R 20,000 TX Brian J 5,000 TX C Dilber 5,000 TX Kenton K* 25,000 TX Robert T 20,000 TX Ron W 25,000 TX Scott V 30,000 UT Greg P* 300,000 UT Chair 20,000 VA Lisa