The new “Pokémon Sun and Moon” trailer is officially out, and it does not disappoint when it comes to formally spilling the beans on the evolved forms of the three Starter Pokémon — Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

For its Oct. 4 update, The Pokémon Company showcased the evolved forms of the Starter Pokémon that will be part of every Trainer’s journey into the Alola region. Right away, the teaser trailer introduces the Starter Evolutions called Dartrix (Rowlet), Torracat (Litten) and Brionne (Popplio). Based on the trailer, Dartrix is a Grass/Flying-type with Overgrow Ability, Torracat is a Fire-type with Blaze Ability and Brionne is a Water-type Pokémon with Torrent Ability.

Even though the new “Pokémon Sun and Moon” teaser trailer did not reveal a lot about the Starter Evolutions, The Pokémon Company dropped more details about the interesting creatures via the official website for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS-exclusive titles.

Rowlet the Grass Quill Pokémon is described to perform attacks without making a sound. Its ability to fly silently is what makes it capable of attacking its opponents without being noticed. It also has a special attack that does not require it to make contact to its opponent; it only uses the razor-sharp leaves that are part of its feathers to damage its enemies.

Dartrix Dartrix Photo: YouTube/The Official Pokémon Channel

Rowlet’s evolved form, Dartrix, has the same type and Ability as the former, but it is categorized as a Blade Quill Pokémon. Much like its pre-evolved form, Dartrix’s feathers are also sharp that they can be sent flying to attack an opponent. The Pokémon can also alter the trajectories of the feather blades by bending them. It has a special move called Leafage actually involves striking the opponent using leaves.

What makes Dartrix even more special is its extreme senses that can easily detect opponents. Despite its smiley facade in the trailer, however, Dartrix is described as having a snob personality and a Pokémon that likes to groom its feathers every so often. You can’t blame it, however, since dirty or ruffled feathers could distract its focus during a battle.

Torracat Torracat Photo: YouTube/The Official Pokémon Channel

Litten is a Fire Cat Pokémon that is simply described by The Pokémon Company as a logical yet passionate Starter. It can contain its emotions to its self. In battles, it attacks its opponents with flaming hairballs. It can also unleash its Ember attack to fire a small flame against its rival. As a Fire-type Pokémon, Litten’s old fur just gets burned up, for it to sport new fur, which it can groom by licking it.

Litten’s evolved form Torracat is also a Fire Cat Pokémon, which explains why its attacks typically involve flames. For example, the bell-like object on Torracat’s neck is found to be a flame sac that spits fire while producing a high, clear sound of a bell. For Trainers who want to partner with this Pokémon during battles, they will not be disappointed because Torracat attacks relentlessly. Its forelegs can do an extremely powerful punch that could knock out large men and even bend iron bars. Another special thing that players should know about this evolution is the fact that it can sense what is happening around it through its excellent sensory organ, its own mane

Brionne Brionne Photo: YouTube/The Official Pokémon Channel

Meanwhile, the last but definitely not the least is Popplio, a Water-type Sea Lion Pokémon that is capable of swimming at a speed of more than 25 mph. As a Water-type creature, it moves better in the water than on land. Popplio is capable of snorting out balloons using just water. In fact, The Pokémon Company noted that it likes to spend time practicing its balloon skills. Though a tad frivolous, Popplio is great in battles because it unleashes enough power to make a spectacle. It has a move called Water Gun that simply allows it to fire a jet of water to its opponent.

Brionne is still a Water-type monster. Its move called Leafage actually involves striking the opponent using leaves. Just like its pre-evolved form, it is still a Water-type Pokémon with Torrent Ability. Considered as the Pop Star Pokémon, Brionne is said to enjoy dancing that it observes and learns from imitating the dances of humans.  The dancing skill comes in handy during battles as it can be used to distract opponents before slapping them with balloons. When the moon shines brightly at night, Brionne rushes to join its fellow Brionne in dancing as one.

"Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" are coming to the Nintendo 3DS this Nov. 18. Are you excited for the release of the new games? Sound off in the comments section below.