Suffolk County police arrested a Medford man in connection with the murder of four people at a pharmacy, officials said.

The resident, David Laffer, was apprehended after police stormed his house three days after the murders, officials said.

The development came after residents geld a vigil outside Haven Drugs where the killing spree happened.

The father of one of the victims Jennifer Mejia, 17 told Newsday the family isn't seeking revenge.

God will take care of it, said Mejia's father, Rene, outside his home Monday. We are no one to ask for revenge. All we can do is pray.

Police say the suspect is a painkiller addict who shot two employees and two customers before loading his backpack with opiate painkillers before fleeing the scene of the massacre.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer called the shootings one of the most heinous, brutal crimes we've ever experienced.

He added we're asking those who work in pharmacies, especially smaller stores off the beaten track, to be extra vigilant.