The investigation into the online contact between Rep. Anthony Weiner and a 17-year-old Delaware girl has been closed by Police. The girl started following the New York Democrat on Twitter after a class trip to the nation's capital earlier in the spring.

C.R. McLeod, a spokesman for the New Castle County government, told a news agency on Saturday that investigators had concluded their investigation and planned no further comment unless something new arises that needs their attention.

Delaware police had an interrogation session with the girl and her mother on Friday. According to the girl's Philadelphia lawyer, Daniel P. McElhatton, took the girl's laptop and cell phone for analysis. The girl's family voluntarily handed over the computer and phone, and police did not have a warrant, McElhatton said.

There was nothing of a sexual nature or any innuendo, McElhatton said of the communications between Weiner and the girl. He previously said in a statement that there was no exchange of photographs between the high school junior and the 46-year-old congressman, an Associated Press report stated .

Weiner had said in a statement that he did have online contact with the girl, but said it was neither explicit nor indecent. The New York Times reported that Weiner said he had exchanged at least five private messages on Twitter with the girl, the latest turn in a scandal that has some members of Congress saying Weiner should step down after he admitted sending sexually explicit online messages to women.