A police officer was shot and killed after responding to a home invasion robbery in Brooklyn Monday morning.

Officer Peter Figoski had 22 years on the job. He was part of a back-up team of responding police officers to an early morning break-in at 25 Pine Street in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn. Officer Figoski was shot as he stood at the bottom of stairs leading from the street to the basement, reported the Daily News.

The tenant, an employee of a nearby bodega, said that there were two men, a male Hispanic and a male black who were wearing a ski mask, said Commissioner Ray Kelly in a statement, according to the Daily News. They initially claimed to be police officers, the tenant said. They then demanded money and jewelry. They knocked the tenant down, and one of the men struck him in the head with a firearm.

The first officers on the scene began interviewing the victim of the robbery and his neighbor. The two suspects were reportedly still in the building. The suspects made their way to the front door and when they saw Figoski. Lamont Pride, 27, allegedly shot the officer in the face. Figoski's partner, Officer Estrada, chased down the suspect and captured him, reported the Daily News.

I want to commend Officer Estrada, who had the presence of mind to focus on the man with the gun, and the courage to chase him down and capture him, Kelly said.

Bloomberg also gave statements at a press conference outside of Jamaica Hospital where Officer Figoski succumbed to his injuries.

I'm the father of two myself--and having to tell kids of any age what happened to their father or mother is, without a doubt, the hardest thing any Mayor ever has to do, said Mayor Bloomberg. Here in the last days of the year 2011, it's worth I think taking a look back at where we are as a City.

Officer Figoski was decorated police officer. He received 12 medals of accommodations including eight for exceptional police duty and made over 200 arrests during his career.