The safety of British fashion vlogger Marina Joyce was called into question by fans after some feared the blonde fashionista was in danger. Fortunately, Joyce is “safe and well,” Enfield Borough MPS said in an official statement to International Business Times Wednesday.

When asked about Joyce’s safety, they issued a prompt response. “On 27 July, officers attended an address in Hillfield Park, Enfield following numerous calls from members of the public reporting concerns for the welfare of a woman,” they said in regard to Joyce, whose name was mentioned in IBT’s inquiry. “The woman is safe and well.”

Police followed up their email with a post on social media. In that message, they mentioned the famed YouTuber by name. “Officers have visited YouTube user Marina Joyce,” authorities wrote Tuesday. “She is safe and well.” They even used the viral hashtag #savemarinajoyce.

Even though Joyce wrote on her Twitter account that she was OK, fans didn’t believe her. They assumed her supposed kidnapper or abuser hacked her page and was pretending to be her.

The main thing that started the rumor Joyce was kidnapped was when she apparently whispers “help me” in a new video. Viewers closely deciphered the video, assuming it was encrypted with hints from the “kidnapped” YouTube star.

There are rumors that Joyce is addicted to drugs. She repeats herself, her speech is jittery and her eyes have a far-away look. What has not been explained, however, are the bruises that appear on her arms. Police did not mention that drugs were to blame for the alarm.

Joyce tweeted she is “totally fine” after her friends expressed their concern. “I’m TOTALLY fine guys, I am feeling very good today and it’s actually so heartwarming to see so many people care about me,” she wrote Wednesday morning.

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