A police officer allegedly fatally shot a 14-year-old boy involved in a fight at a school bus stop, the teen's mother said in federal court.

According to Courthouse News Service, the mother of the dead teen alleged that Daniel Alvarado, the school district's police officer in question, had been reprimanded 16 times over the last four years; suspended without pay five times; and recommended for termination for insubordination.

But with all these allegations against Alvarado, the school kept him on the force without remedial training.

The mother is suing the Northside Independent School District, of San Antonio, the district's Chief of Police John Page and Alvarado, Courthouse News Service. She is seeking punitive damages for civil rights violations, supervisory liability and negligence.

The mother, whose name is being withheld for this report, said her son got into a fight last November with another boy at a school bus stop and punched the other boy once.

Defendant, Alvarado, having responded to a call regarding a bus with a flat tire, witnessed [the teen] strike the other boy, the complaint filed in court stated. He ordered [the teen] to 'freeze.' [The teen] hesitated and then ran from defendant Alvarado.

The complaint reviewed by Courthouse News Service stated that Alvarado then began chasing the teen in the neighborhood across the street from the school in his patrol car. He lost sight of the teen in that neighborhood and returned to the location of the fight. At that time Alvarado called dispatch.

Dispatch recordings reflect that his supervisor directed Alvarado to stay with the other boy and to 'not do any big search over there,' the complaint stated. Ignoring his supervisor's orders to 'stay with the victim and get the information from him,' Alvarado placed the second boy into the patrol car and sped into the neighborhood to search for [the dead teen].

The mother said her son jumped over a fence and hid in a shed in the backyard of a house where the homeowner saw him, called 911, and alerted a neighbor, who pointed Alvarado in the teen's direction. But the mother also alleges that her son never left the shed, never approached the house or threatened the homeowner or her daughters.

In violation of NISD police department procedures, Alvarado drew his weapon immediately after exiting the patrol car, the mother said, as reported by Courthouse News Service. With his gun drawn, he rushed through the gate and into the backyard. Within seconds from arriving at the residence, Alvarado shot and killed the unarmed boy hiding in the shed.

A neighbor called for medical help and the teen died in the ambulance about an hour after he was shot.

The mother said the district acted with deliberate indifference by keeping Alvarado on the force with his alleged disciplinary record.