Well, if you ask the founder of David Barton Gym he would say it most certainly does.


Credit: diet blog

The New York, Chicago, and Miami based gyms have begun serving up Vodka based cocktails after intense workout classes offered there. Barton says It's better to work out and drink than to not work out and drink, however, is that really a good message to be sending to those seeking fitness?

According to Drink Aware, just two shots of Vodka (50ml) would equal 111 Calories not to mention the juices etc. used in the cocktail which would push the Calorie count even higher. Also according to the website, alcohol after exercise interferes with the way the body breaks down fat in order to help restore muscle glycogen levels. This is due to the liver working overtime to metabolize the alcohol.

Some would see David Barton Gym as sending mixed messages to their members, but Barton sees it differently saying Our members have intense lives and some people party and that's all the more need to workout. I'm not pushing alcohol, but I'm not a prohibitionist.

Yes, many people that frequent gyms also drink, but I'm not sure gyms should be encouraging something that isn't healthy. Really, this is no different than rewarding the sugar lovers with a candy bar as they leave the gym.

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Source: The New York Times