With pharmaceutical products beginning to go off patent, smaller research firms addressing more common viruses and physical maladies are becoming more attractive opportunities for larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. PolyMedix Inc., a development stage biotechnology company, works to develop products oriented toward life threatening acute disorders. Additionally, the company develops products that may hold substantial consumer oriented potential.

As many larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ product pipe-lines are in need of replenishment, the company has the potential to become very profitable with its consumer oriented product line. It does develop products that hold great promise for life threatening disorders, but may find that its products addressing antibacterial, antifungal, defensin antibiotic and reverse Heparin will be most profitable. Currently, the company has a defensin antibiotic and Heparin product ready for Phase 1B trials starting in the second quarter of 2009.

As viruses continue to become more resistant to current pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, PolyMedix is at the forefront of offering more efficient and effective replacements. Its product pipe-line may be in earlier stages of approvals, but therein lies the opportunity for investors that would be willing to understand that marketing partners or outright buyers will in all likelihood appear sooner rather than later. For PolyMedix Inc., it is more likely not “if”, but “when” as its product developments come to fruition.