For Taylor Swift, touring for three days is not as tough as leaving her pet cats behind. Swift loves to work hard and then watch reruns of “Friends” on her television late at night. The 25-year-old told BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw that touring the world "is not that hard,” as many pop stars have made it seem.

When she started her career as a country singer, Swift toured for more than three months at a stretch. Now she is thankful she gets to play bigger shows that do not require her to travel so much. If she is “playing stadiums,” she sometimes even gets to fly home in between shows.

The “I Knew You Were Trouble” star kicked off her "1989" World Tour on May 5. Swift said she finds it tough to leave her pet cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. "I do have to leave the cats behind when I leave the country, which is the hardest part," Swift told the radio.

Swift also discussed what makes her feel good on a tour. "That's the best part of this [touring], when you walk off stage and you're drenched in sweat and you're tired and your legs hurt," she said. "It feels like you're really working for the job."

The singer/songwriter feels great to be “tired after a show.” After the day's hard work, Swift gets the feeling that she is “finally doing something.” So how does the singer re-energize herself? The couch potato in her loves to watch at least two hours of television each night. Her favorite television series is "Friends" because she has watched it so many times that she remembers the dialogue. “So it's like switching my brain off. ... I know exactly what they're about to say," Swift said.