In recent years, it seems like board games have regained a lot of prominence, thanks in part to the rise of restaurants and bars that let customers play the games with a group of friends. It seems like game developer Days of Wonder has taken notice: The company has announced a mobile version of “Splendor” for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

"Splendor" is one of the most popular board games out right now. Players take the roles of Renaissance merchants who are attempting to purchase gem mines, shops and various means of transportation. To do this, they collect chips and use cards to buy from other players -- or simply purchase what no one has bought yet, similar to “Monopoly.”

While board games are meant to be played with other people, Touch Arcade has stated that the “Splendor” mobile game will have two different modes where gamers can play alone, possibly as a way to get familiar with the rules. There’s the usual “Against the A.I.” mode, where gamers play a regular version of “Splendor” against the computer, and then there’s “Challenges,” which will play like a puzzle game.

Users of Android and iOS devices will be happy to know that “Splendor” is a universal app, so there won’t be any long periods of waiting for an iPhone or tablet version of the game to download. Game publisher Asmodee has said that both the iOS and Android versions will arrive on the same day, so there will be no brief period of platform exclusivity.

The publisher also told Board Game Geek that an online multiplayer mode for “Splendor” is being developed, but for now the game supports only local multiplayer. This isn’t bad though, as actual board games don’t require an Internet connection. But those who want to play with long-distance friends or relatives will have to wait for a game update.

“Splendor” will be available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play on July 9, so fans of the board game will be able to play it soon. It’s currently unknown if the mobile board game is a premium app or a free-to-play title. 

Splendor overview and rules explanation (Credit: YouTube/boardgamegeektv)