Decorating styles have evolved with the times, yet some styles and elements are timeless, creating a variety of interior design styles to choose from. The following popular interior designs, contemporary, traditional, chic and art & craft express different tastes and personality.

#1. Contemporary


Image from Limitless Canada

Contemporary interior design provides a clean, sleek look to a home. Contemporary design is difficult because there are key factors to consider. To keep the home from having a cool, or unwelcoming feel, use bright colors.

While contemporary interior design has been viewed as cold and minimalistic, designers are using more colors and curves to add a comfortable and welcoming element. 

Art pieces are major focal points in contemporary design.


#2. Traditional


Image from Arcadian Lighting

Traditional interior design focuses more on natural tones, textures and timelessness. Fabrics often used are leather, silks, brocades and satins. Often, patters will be miss-matched. Traditional home designs tend to be more formal, and use many time periods to give the home a comfortable feel. 


#3. Chic


Image from RSVP Design Services.


Chic design typically incorporates the usage of white, or washed out colors. Modern furniture is accented with vintage items.

Colors most often associated with chic design are lighter, more gentle color shades. Bright yellow and Marie Antoinette blues are also common amongst chic interior. A Hotel that incorporates this type of design is, The Viceroy.  


#4. Arts & Craft 


Image from Busbee Design

Also known as the Mission Style in the US, Arts & Crafts originated in the UK late in the 19th century. Commonly, arts & craft interior design incorporates hand-crafted items made of natural materials and earthy organic colors, such as mossy green.

Furniture was made mostly from oak, and is heavy and square. Furniture lines are clean, straight, and simple.