New details about the explosive fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore have been revealed, two days after their reunion fight on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” On Sunday night, fans watched as Williams grabbed the former Miss USA winner and dragged her onto the floor.

Reports now claim that the youngest cast member was possibly drunk, after drinking wine backstage and taking prescription drugs. “Porsha was drunk…there were two bottles of wine in her dressing room. She came to fight Kenya and needed some liquid courage!” a source tells RadarOnline. “She is very unstable. She’s been taking medications and mixing it with alcohol,” they added.

Prior to the reunion show fight, Moore and Williams verbally attacked one another, with Moore even speaking to Williams through a portable loudspeaker. But what seemed to bring Williams to physically attack Moore was her talking about Williams’ divorce and accusing her of cheating. This season, audience viewers watched as Williams went through a divorce from former NFL player Kordell Stewart.

During the reunion Sunday night, Moore accused Williams of cheating on her then-husband, which infuriated her. “Listen, you are not going to keep on talking about my character like you know what you’re talking about,” Williams said moments before standing up and grabbing Moore.

Moore called 911 shortly afterwards, and released a statement via email on Sunday. It said, in part, “Being the second Black woman to be crowned Miss USA, there are little girls who look up to me. I would never want those girls, my nieces, or my future children to see me fighting anyone. That’s the lesson we should all want to send, especially to young people—that no matter how angry someone makes you feel by what they say to or about you, violence is never an option. #stoptheviolence.”

The second half of the reunion show airs on Sunday.