A portable XRF analysis system which integrates with existing GIS and other geochemical analysis software offers mineral explorationists more efficient data collection and analysis.

With the growing need in the mining and exploration markets for instant geochemical analysis, Innov-X Systems in conjunction with Trimble, ESRI ArcPAD, ENCOM MapInfo/Discover Mobile and ioGLOBAL, have developed the Omega Explore system.

This system provides its users with a total field data collection solution by combining the Innov-X Omega field portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyser with the already known systems of ArcPAD, Discover Mobile and more sophisticated geochemical analysis software systems such as ioGLOBAL's software package ioGAS. Innov-X claims it is taking portable XRF to the next level, mapping, visualising and interpreting field XRF data, the moment the data is collected. All consistent with Innov-X Systems philosophy of helping explorers utilize budgets more efficiently by providing tools to facilitate field decision making and thus advance projects faster, where possible.

The purchase of a field portable XRF analyser represents a large capital investment by an emerging explorer or active mining operations.  Consequently, the ability to interface this instrumentation with existing database and GIS systems is integral in extracting the most value out of the geochemical data.

There is no longer the need to manipulate XRF meta-data to suit the needs of existing systems that companies are currently using.  With the Omega Explore system the data is streamed into existing GIS systems, thus, a single operator can make strategic decisions in real-time.  This data can then be seamlessly downloaded and examined by other geochemical analysis software systems such as ioGAS.

This customer focused approach and delivery of the Omega Explore system (specifically designed for the mineral exploration industry) is a genuine breakthrough and is unrivalled in the industry. It represents the first fruits of the new mining team assembled at Innov-X Systems over the last few months. This team is well known to the industry and has proved itself in portable XRF for exploration and mining over the last decade.