width=300We are what we think! Our thoughts and actions are the exact same thing. Our attitude is a choice, not a result of circumstance. And we can literally become and accomplish anything. Do you think this way, or do you even believe these things? If not, then I have just revealed - and you have just discovered - the reason why you lack the ability to accomplish your goals and dreams in life and be successful in anything.

Positive or negative thinking, believing or doubting, being shaped by circumstance or creating circumstances, taking risks or being mediocre, expressing gratitude or complaining, persisting or quitting, and success or failure - ultimately, it is our choice. Our potential, dreams, accomplishments, and successes are determined by ourselves alone. And it all starts in our own mind and how we think.

An individual who has control over their thoughts has control of their life and their destiny. Such individuals do not allow circumstances to dictate their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and moods. They fully understand that in all situations, they have a choice on how they can respond, think, and act. And yet, they also understand that positive thinking is not enough unless positive feelings, words, and actions accompany those thoughts.

These same individuals who think positively also control their thoughts, choose their attitude, eliminate fear and doubt from their mind, look for the good in everything, do not worry what others think, and focus all their thoughts and attention on things that will result in positive and successful actions and accomplishments. You will never hear these people use words such as: can't, impossible, hard, no way, nervous, or afraid. They understand that the only limitations in life are the ones they create, believe, and nourish within their own minds.

It is these people who become successful, not because they have more time, talents, money, or knowledge - it is because of their state of mind. They think in terms of 'can' and 'possible.' They not only believe in their dreams and goals, but they believe in themselves, their abilities, and their potential. Because they think positively, they resultantly have better health, more strength and energy, higher self-confidence, more drive and initiative, increased self-discipline and strengthened persistence. Their positive thoughts, believing attitude, and healthy self-confidence attract like-minded people - which of course forms relationships that combined create even greater potential, happiness, and success.

If you literally are and become what you think, then is not success and failure a result of what is going on in your own mind? Thus, you alone determine and create your potential. And never forget that your potential is not measured by your family inheritance or dynamics, racial characteristics or unborn talents, education obtained or institutions attended, or even the size of a bank account. Our full potential is already inherently within our own minds - we just need to find, believe, and develop it. The ability to control our thoughts, think positively, choose our attitude, think big and believe more is the first essential step on the pathway to success. Accompanied with daily action and persistence, our thoughts literally create and become our character, successes, and our eventual destiny.