Message boards are being flooded with buy-out rumors for Positron, Inc. Reports on the web are making statements regarding a big development with news to be released as early as Monday. In a press release issued by Positron yesterday morning, Patrick G. Rooney, the Chairman of the Board of Positron Corporation, addressed these rumors. While not confirming anything specific, Mr. Rooney was quoted as stating that Positron “is currently in discussions with a potential partner in our industry.”

Positron designs, manufactures, markets, and services molecular imaging devices/software for cardiology in the United States and internationally. Its flagship product is a PET scanner called the “Attrius,” which is unique because of not only its cardiac specific imaging software, but because it is the only PET scanner on the market of its nature. Positron emission tomography (PET) is a nuclear medicine imaging technique which produces a three-dimensional image or picture of functional processes in the body.

In addition to the “Attrius”, Positron also has a device called the “Pulse”, a single photon emission computerized tomography imaging device. The company also provides radiopharmaceutical products, such as Nuclear Pharm-Assist, an automated radiopharmaceutical distribution device; and Tech-Assist, a radiopharmaceutical injection shield, as well as radiopharmaceutical agents used for the diagnosis of cardiac diseases.

Mr. Rooney had previously issued a letter to the shareholders of Positron last month in which he stated, “Positron has several immediate opportunities with some of the largest companies in the nuclear medicine industry. Any combination of success with these opportunities will have a tremendous positive present and future impact on Positron.” While the rumors are flying and message boards are buzzing, Mr. Rooney remained tight-lipped with specifics in the press release yesterday, but certainly did not deny that the rumors are inaccurate. Time will tell.