Targets have been revised to the upside and the four-digit psychological barrier is now nothing but sheer reality. After soaring yesterday to reach just below the $990 per ounce level, the yellow metal gained to record an all time high of $989.54 per ounce. However, the bullion failed to maintain these high levels as investors rushed to some short-term profit-taking transactions causing gold to fall once again to reach the $981 per ounce level at the hour of this report. As for the futures contract, gold for April delivery also hit a record high yesterday at $991.90. We see that the $1000 per ounce level is being approached at quite a fast pace. But with investor's sentiment set that the four-digit mark is not only a strong resistance but is also a psychological barrier, the pressure on the selling side will be massive. Meaning that the shiny metal might test the level but unless there are more bulls then bears and investors are placing more buying orders than selling orders, than a breakout might be possible where the next target for gold will become $1250 per ounce!! So with that in mind, the suspense gold investors are experiencing is indescribable