U.S. journalist Jason Rezaian is facing another hearing in his trial in an Iranian court. The Washington Post’s correspondent in Tehran is accused of espionage.

This is the fourth time Rezaian is facing an in-camera hearing. The Monday hearing is reported to be the final hearing for the journalist facing security charges.

Rezaian’s lawyer Leila Ahsan said Saturday she was doubtful this would be the final trial for the correspondent. "They told me that this will be the last hearing, but I cannot be 100 percent sure because there are always unexpected matters," Press TV quoted Ahsan as saying. She added the court had not approved bail for Rezaian.

The 39-year-old correspondent holds dual citizenship for Iran and the United States. Rezaian has been a correspondent for The Post in Tehran since 2012. He and his wife were arrested in Tehran in July 2014 and charged with “espionage, collaboration with hostile governments, gathering classified information and disseminating propaganda against the Islamic Republic.”

After the judge delivers the verdict, Ahsan said the case likely would go before the appeals court. However, she did not give further details even though she suggested the case might have secondary proceedings.

The Post submitted a petition to a U.N. panel on arbitrary detention of its correspondent. The news company complained Rezaian had been ill-treated. It said the journalist had been held in solitary confinement over long stretches.  

Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron said Iran had “behaved unconscionably throughout this travesty of a case.” He claimed the “innocent” correspondent had suffered psychological abuse and physical mistreatment for more than a year.