Marvel has released new posters via Bleedingcool for the movie “Ant-Man.” In one poster, the title character (played by Paul Rudd) can be seen standing on the shoulder of Iron Man's suit, with the caption reading, “No Shield, No Armor, No Problem,” while in another he appears to be standing on Thor’s hammer, where the caption reads,  “No Shield, No Hammer, No Problem.” In the third poster he can be seen standing on Captain America’s shield.

Another poster of the film from Russia has also been revealed. It seems to sum up the essence of the film, where Rudd can be seen dressed in Ant-Man armor as he gets smaller and smaller. Evangeline Lilly can be seen as Hope Van Dyne, Corey Stall can be seen as Darren Cross and Michael Douglas can be seen Hank Pym.

“Ant-Man” concerns a petty thief Scott Lang (Rudd) who gets his hands on an Ant-Man suit which gives him superhuman ability to shrink in size but increase in strength. He must embrace his inner hero and must aid his mentor Pym to plot a heist in order to save the world from evil.

Rudd said he is excited about the film and does not feel the pressure of playing the lead in a superhero movie. “I don’t at all (feel the pressure). I’m so impressed with Marvel and how smart [Marvel president] Kevin Feige is. He’s kind of a mad scientist. I feel like all the elements are there that need to be there. I feel good about it,” he told MTV.

For Rudd, "Ant-Man" is a standalone film. “It’s a part of the Marvel Universe, but it stands on its own. It’s a movie where if you have never seen any of the Marvel movies, you’re going to totally get it,” he added.

Peyton Reed has directed the film from the screenplay by Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam McKay and Rudd based on the “Ant-Man” comics by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby. Feige has produced the film, which will open in theaters June 29.