As with gold 6 weeks ago, as with oil 2 days ago, now comes the liquidity chasing one of the few laggard areas... agriculture. Potash (POT) is breaking out in almost identical fashion to the other 2 commodities mentioned.

Last Thursday we saw a story that potash inventories declined for a 3rd consecutive month, although still at 142% above the 5 year average. However, by the time they get closer to average - these stocks most likely will have run a long way. With a bevy of bad news in this sector many 6+ quarters, sellers may finally be exhausted. Or it simply could be the chase of the underperformers as Ben Bernanke's money looks for the next thing to inflate.

For momentum based traders the Potash (POT) breakout is one they love to chase - let's see if Mosaic (MOS) joins its big brother.

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